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 Company Philosophy


We create turnkey automated systems with the aim of implementing the most economical and efficient solution for our customers.
Creative thinking, competent consultation, dependability, service plus the high quality of all KNOLL products are the factors for our success.

Our design teams develop together with the customer potential solutions, recognizing at an early stage the problem areas and defining the necessary steps required to achieve the optimal result.
Our solutions are generated by concentrated teamwork throughout the company, with design, construction, software development, component manufacture and assembly all playing an essential role in achieving that goal.

An open and constructive nature follows every project until its functional implementation. Our customers are an essential part of the team.
Knoll Precision Engineering offers automated solutions from the very first idea right through until after sales support. Implementing the “everything under one roof” principle, we guarantee precision right down into the last detail.
A strongly motivated and highly trained group of employees give us the ability and know how to cope with even our customer’s most demanding projects. A modern working environment and a continuous training culture ensures we get the best from our employees.



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