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The company was first founded by Ernst Knoll in 1956 and specialized in automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, with the main field of activity being the production of precision components. Since 1972 KNOLL precision engineering has concentrated on the design, construction and commissioning of automated solutions for the production of disposable medical products.1982 saw the entry into automated medical tube mounting field. In 1999 the strategically important decision was made to integrate robot handling in to the automations process, which was a further mile stone in the advancement of the company.

Today Knoll precision engineering is an acknowledged specialist of automation solutions for the production of medical components in which the highest levels of precision are required. Somont GmbH for example, one of the leading companies in the automation of solar cell connection, had in its beginning in 2004 used technology from KNOLL and has now developed into one of the leaders in its field. Somont now belongs to the Meyer Burger Group.
Another important mainstay of the company is the production of ski and snowboard service machines. These machines have the ability to fully automatic grind the base, the base edges and side edges as well as wax and polish skies and snowboards. The distribution occurs under the world wide renowned brand MONTANA.
The water jet cutting and electrical cabinet construction side of the company also make their expertise available for external production orders.
The engineering consulting office IBFM also belongs to the group and undertakes external development projects.

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About the Knoll Firmengruppe GmbH:
The cooperating companies making up the Knoll Firmengruppe GmbH, together with its contributors, are addressing the challenges of the future by organizing procedures and the exchange of innovations within the group.

IIn 2017, thanks to its digitalized ski and snowboard service solution “Montana Digital World”, the Knoll Firmengruppe GmbH has been announced one of “100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-W├╝rttemberg” (Article only available in German).

The following companies are part of the group:
ASD Automatic Storage Device GmbH, Ernst Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH, Medireha GmbH, Montana Sport Deutschland GmbH, Vacura GmbH, Vektor Engineering GmbH.


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